Distinguishing Features of CPD Programs


Teachers are required to handle variables across wide spectrums; the variables being the teacher himself/herself, student; their learning styles, multiple intelligences, social foundations, the subject, its content, instructional strategies and the environment in which both the teacher and student learn.

The Teachers, thus, must learn to factor in all of these variables across their spectrums into their teaching-learning design. In doing so, they would need to know and understand range of strategies, practices or options in curriculum design, instructional strategies, classroom management techniques, assessments & evaluation and multiple ways of integrating technology in all of these functions. It is only then, that the teacher, having assessed its group of learners and their subject specific needs, will design instructional goals and transact learning.

Building of such skills of making informed choices can only result from empowerment programs and not training for predictable learning opportunities.


All programs would focus on the ‘continuing’ aspect of all professional development and empowerment. Any teacher engaging with the program would remain engaged through various mediums including the TeacherSITY web portal. Teachers would be supported by research, best practices and all other material that they could use in improving the learning transactions in their classrooms.

Pre-program preparation

Any teacher attending these programs would be encouraged and prepared to take full advantage of the program by engaging in pre-program activity and assignments. It not only ensures that the teacher is well prepared, it also ensures that the program design meets the teacher needs.

Experiential Learning

Innovative and Improved teaching / learning practices are integral to these programs. Such practices will not only ensure full benefits for the teachers, it would also effectively demonstrate the strategies of experiential learning that teachers could well use in their classrooms.

Post Program Interventions

Teachers completing any of these programs would remain engaged through their academic supervisors and principals, sharing with TeacherSITY, the problems, challenges and progress of the teacher. The researchers and the faculty at TeacherSITY would provide such support and intervention to help the teachers, as may be feasible and possible.

Research and Resource Material for Teachers

All teachers, wherever or whoever, would be able to access teaching, learning resources that they could use in their classrooms.

Build Networked Communities

Leverage the power of communities for personal and professional growth.  Community participation enables professional maturity.

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