International Benchmark Tests (IBT)

Sample Test Questions

Since IBT is about testing skills and competencies, and not information and knowledge, serious preparation in a conventional sense is not required.

Students only need to familiarize themselves with the pattern of questions and how to answer those, instead of knowing the correct answers.


Sample Questions

Maths                              English                           Science

Maths Class 3                    English Class 3                  Science Class 3

Maths Class 4                    English Class 4                  Science Class 4

Maths Class 5                    English Class 6                  Science Class 5

Maths Class 6                    English Class 7                  Science Class 6

Maths Class 7                    English Class 8                  Science Class 7

Maths Class 8                    English Class 9                  Science Class 8

Maths Class 9                    English Class 10

Maths Class 10

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