TeacherSITY : Educational Research and Design (ERD) Faculty

Location :   New Delhi
Job Position :   Educational Research and Design (ERD) Faculty
No of Position(s) :   Multiple
Job Posted date :   21st April,2009

Job Description

TeacherSITY is looking for a Senior Level "EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH & DESIGN (ERD)" to support its new initiative "Continuing Professional Development" program.

TeacherSITY is now embarking on a new education initiative which will impact Schools across Boards, across languages, geographies and cultures. It is for this that TeacherSITY is looking for a Senior Level "EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH & DESIGN (ERD)" to support its new initiative "Continuing Professional Development" program.The function and responsibilities will grow with the growth of the Organization.

  • Conceptualize and develop the entire Pedagogy course module for the Basic and Advanced CPD Program.
  • Responsible for preparing an Initial "Gap Analysis" for the schools in the Indian educational system.
  • Refine the Course Module on an ongoing basis, based on the feedback provided by our stakeholders.
  • Responsible for developing suitable pedagogy for different subjects through integrated as well as disciplinary approaches at different stages and enable the various models of pedagogy.
  • Partner with the Domestic and International educational research organizations and individual to continuously enhance value.
  • Work in conjunction with the other Senior Consultants to deliver a Holistic CPD Module.
  • Conduct, Plan & Deliver Training Sessions (Teacher Training).

Desired Candidate Profile
  • PhD in Education with specific interests in the field of "Pedagogy".
  • Excellent domain knowledge of Blooms Taxonomy, Dimensions of Learning, Knowledge of Theory and Science of Educating, Other Pedagogical Practices and research.
  • Excellent domain knowledge of Educational Psychology, Strategies and style of instruction, Critical pedagogy, Instructional design, Learning theory of education, Understanding by Design, Brain based learning, etc
  • Can take initiative and be an individual contributor, Self Starter, Detail oriented.
  • Aptitude to relate and able to work well with Teams and towards a common goal and set of objectives.
  • Has had experience in working with / for educational enterprises.
  • Can take initiative and be a Self Starter.
  • Must have demonstrated research capabilities in the past.
  • Is able to work well with Teams and be able to work towards a common goal and set of objectives.
  • Is an Individual Contributor.
  • Can build long lasting external partnerships and collaborations.

Organisation Description
TeacherSITY is an empowerment movement for K12 teachers all over the country. Policy makers, Examining Boards, School administrators, principals and teachers have come together to lead the Teacher Empowerment movement. TeacherSITY is an organised and structured approach towards Teacher Empowerment. Through a series of professional development programs, access to research and teaching resources, community networks and web-based interventions & support, TeacherSITY is poised to help teacher re-invent themselves and their profession of teaching to meet the challenges of the 21st century learners.

Mr. Vikas Kumar
Email: vikas.kumar@teachersity.org
315/274, Western Marg, M.B. Road, Saidulajab,
Near ITDC Delhi Haat, New Delhi, INDIA
91-11-47342000 / 9911666077

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